Indianapolis Teaching Fellows offers cutting-edge training, intensive classroom experience, supportive coaches and a direct path to full-time teaching. Ignite a love of learning and prove, every day, that all students can excel.


  • You choose where you want to teach. In addition to Indiana, we have programs in Baltimore,  New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Minnesota. 

  • Once accepted, you'll begin an intensive summer training program to learn the fundamentals of great teaching. Every day, expert educators will help you master critical teaching skills - skills you'll practice in real classrooms, with real students.

  • After successfully completing summer training and securing a teaching position at a local school, you will begin teaching full-time, earning a full teacher's salary.

  • Throughout the year, you will participate in seminars to help you master more advanced teaching techniques.

  • If you prove after training that you have what it takes to be a great teacher, we will recommend you for certification, a high standard not all candidates reach.



Henry teaches fifth and sixth grade math. He earned a dual degree in Applied Physics and Mechanical Engineering, interned at NASA, and spent five years as a technology analyst at Accenture before joining our program in 2011. Inspired by his stint as a middle school math tutor, Henry shifted his career to the classroom to serve as a “role model and symbol of hope” for other young African-American students and to show all young students that they can excel in math and science.

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